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Belinda / Bindy
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"Shall I use my invisibility to fight crime or for evil...?" - Chandler Bing

I'm a 25 year old female who was born and bred near Christchurch, which is in New Zealand. If you don't know where that is for goodness sake get a map, since obviously they taught you nothing in school. And it's not in Europe, so don't look there. I travelled overseas to the USA in 2004 when I was 16 to be an exchange student, which was a marvellous and wonderful experience (I would seriously recommend it to all), then went back to NZ for a year, finished high school then moved near Brisbane, which is in Australia. I currently live here somewhat happily (more somewhat than happily), and am loving my job as an Avon Representitive, which I have been doing for over 6 years now. Some say it's crap, but I love it. I probably think something you love is crap, but hey that's the way the world turns, and I'll keep my opinions to myself. I have many (OK some) fandoms which include, but is not limited to: TWILIGHT (yes), Gilmore Girls, The O.C., True Blood, Supernatural, TVD, Revenge, Bones and Buffy. (There's more, but honestly if you've read this far you've made up your mind whether we're going to be buddy-buddy or not, so I see no point...)

If you have any questions feel free to ask away....

You can see how much of a child I am - I still count down to my birthday : )

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